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In today's digital era, a software developer serves as the ideal innovator, meticulously creating code that molds the global landscape for every user. For your finest local software solution, your search ends here.

My Role

At our company, we value the time and investment of our clients, and we believe that communication is the key to a successful software project. That's why we offer a simple Q&A session with our clients to hear their needs and wants for their project. This meeting can take place via phone, video chat, or in person, depending on what works best for the client.

During the Q&A session, we will listen to the client's ideas, goals, and requirements for their software project. We will ask questions to gain a deeper understanding of their needs and to identify any potential challenges or issues that may arise during the development process. This session is an opportunity for us to get to know our clients and to build a strong foundation for a successful project.

At the end of the Q&A session, we will provide our clients with a clear understanding of the next steps in the development process and a transparent project plan that outlines timelines, milestones, and costs. By working closely with our clients from the outset of a project, we can ensure that we deliver a software solution that meets their needs, exceeds their expectations, and delivers real business value.


The 411

My journey into software development, commonly referred to as coding, commenced in my late teens and twenties, marking significant milestones both in my personal and professional life. It all started during my time at Junior College when I immersed myself in the expansive realm of web development. Progressing through the field, I found myself in a distinctive role within the bail bonds industry, where I identified opportunities for process enhancement. Recognizing inefficiencies in lead management, I played a pivotal role in conceiving a groundbreaking bondstracking application. This system revolutionized account management, introducing real-time updates and streamlining lead processing across 39 counties.

Transitioning to the insurance sector, I pursued a career in full-lines insurance while maintaining a strong interest in software development. Despite encountering challenges, I strategically leveraged tools to boost team performance and track progress. This effort resulted in the creation of a bonus calculation app for team members, showcasing my innovative problem-solving approach. As my expertise deepened, I explored the complexities of commercial lines insurance, leading to a pivotal moment where I recognized the value of my role as a problem solver. I endeavored to create tools that not only benefited my role as an agent but also streamlined renewal tracking.

In addition to my ventures in the insurance sector and the establishment of Chae & Marie Solutions LLC, I identified a niche market by specializing in creating customized landing pages for new business owners. From developing static landing pages to dynamic Point of Sale (POS) pages, my services catered to the diverse needs of entrepreneurs seeking a robust online presence. This experience highlighted my versatility as a full-stack software engineer, providing innovative digital solutions that demonstrated technical proficiency and a deep understanding of businesses in their early stages.

In May 2020, I dedicated my free time to becoming a full-stack software engineer, using my skills to assist clients in need of digital solutions. Freelancing provided me with the opportunity to build landing pages and client-facing applications, delivering innovative and efficient digital solutions. In 2021, Chae & Marie Solutions LLC was established, focusing on software engineering and solutions for schools and daycares. During this period, I developed software to meet state-mandated attendance requirements, offering parents a portal for real-time updates on their child's well-being, required supplies, and a message board for bulletin updates. Our web application development methods adhered to standard security practices, implementing password hashing, sanitization, and validation functions.

What sets me apart from other developers is not only my technical skillset but also my proven track record of identifying opportunities for improvement, developing innovative solutions, and driving positive outcomes in diverse industries. My commitment to excellence and my ability to address complex challenges make me a valuable asset in the ever-evolving landscape of software development.


Our Solutions

Here are several solutions we've recently delivered to local businesses and clients.

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